November 10, 2009

Good Health and Lifestyle
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Good Health and LifestyleDespite all of us being aware of the benefits of good health, most of us are left with no time to reap these benefits. The reason may be just anything – busy schedules, sedentary lifestyle, inability to change, inability to differentiate between the good and the bad – but the crux is that we are missing on what is the base of good health, body, and mind.

Being a member of the Youth, you need to understand and remember that good health is not achieved in a day’s time and it cannot be compromised at any point of time. This is because if you are not fit, you will not be in a position to undertake even the routine acts of life. Moreover, natural and safe health is not only important but also necessary to lead a happy and successful life.

So if you are feeding your body with junk food, aerated drinks, smoking, antidepressants, and steroids, it is high time that you change your attitude towards life. Remember, your definition of short-term fun can be equivalent to long-term health complications if you are unable to find out the difference between what is good or bad for you.

In short, good health and active lifestyle go together and any attempt to separate them can cost you dear. Life is yours and you need to take the best decision for yourself.

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